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Nestled in a fold in the hills,  just outside the Snowdonia National Park, the village of Cwmllinau is a jewel set in the Dyfi Valley

Peace and tranquility pervades the area. Red kite, buzzards and wood-peckers are at home  here and during the night barn owls patrol the valley skies.

Welsh is the still the native language of the village but everyone also speaks English

A cheery “bore da” (good morning) or “diolch yn fawr” (thank you very much) is always appreciated by everyone.

Visitors and residents alike have described Cwmllinau as ‘like going back 50 years’.  

The sense of community and friendliness is obvious in everyone you meet. People actually look you in the eye and smile and are prepared to stop and talk to you.

Bread, milk, papers, fish and meat are still delivered to the village every week.